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In response to the recent global pandemic, and uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to update you on how it has affected our business in the past, present, and future.


In late March, we found out that events around the world were being canceled. Our kid’s school years were canceled, graduations were canceled, sporting events were canceled, traveling plans were canceled.

Everything was canceled.

For about four months, our normal routine at Hopkins became foreign to us as we began to change our business system. On April 5, 2020, co-owner Dave Hopkins, announced to the team that we would be shutting down our office in Pella, Iowa. The office team entered a new normal as they packed up their equipment and worked from their homes. The roofing crews continued to work throughout the pandemic with social distancing guidelines put into action.

As Dave reflected on this global crisis, he shared his thoughts with the team,

“For some of us, this virus is unsettling. We don’t know what it means for our future, our paycheck, or our ability to pay the bills. For some of us, this season is unsettling. For some of us, this season is annoying. We don’t like how it has interrupted our normal life, it’s not what we planned for, it’s not what we expected. For some of us, this pandemic and virus is scary. We are concerned about our health and the health of the people around us that we care about. For all of us, this season is temporary. There will be a day where we will be able to go back to life as normal. There will be a day when our kids go back to school. There will be a day when we go to sporting events and concerts, and there will be a day where we will gather around the table at our favorite restaurant with friends and family and share stories, laughter, and memories again. One thing that crisis does is give us the benefit of clarity. It gives us the ability to see things that maybe weren’t as clear in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And it gives us the clarity of understanding what’s important. Don’t let this season pass, without gaining the clarity of remembering what’s important: your friends, family, faith, and relationships.”

“Let’s come out on the other side of this pandemic understanding what’s important and the appreciation for the people around us.”


Roofing Industry in General

The roofing industry seems to be changing daily, so forgive us if this part is not up to date when you read it. No one in the roofing industry has ever experienced something like this before, so we are all taking on a new beast together. There have been over 5.41 million total coronavirus cases in the U.S. and more than 170,000 of them have lost their lives to this disease. This is tragic for many individuals, friends, and families, and those grieving their lost ones. As Dave encouraged us earlier, let’s not allow this season to pass by without remembering what’s important.

You may ask, how does this pandemic have an effect on the roofing industry and our company specifically? It depends on every situation. It depends on the type of work we are doing. It depends on the locations we are working in. It depends on a lack of materials and other supply chain disruption that has been halted because of lockdowns. It depends on many factors. Roofing companies in California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other states have had to stop their work completely as they are not regarded as an essential service. Unfortunately, residential contractors are feeling the effects more than commercial contractors.

Our Action Steps

With the increase in COVID-19 cases in the United States, out of an abundance of caution, we are adopting a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Plan. Our plan states, “If an individual presents symptoms that may be symptoms of COVID-19, they shall be sent home.” This screening process is for all employees on a job site or in any of our facilities. This is an evolving situation and Hopkins management may amend this Coronavirus Response Plan or change the implementation practices on a site as needed on a case-by-case basis or in accordance with then-current public health guidance.

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