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Sales Manager

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An overview

The Sales Manager at Hopkins Roofing is responsible for supporting the sales team in implementing the Hopkins sales philosophy. This is accomplished by working with Roofing Consultants and other company departments to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience. The Sales Manager’s effectiveness is measured by how well the results of the sales team support the company sales goals.

The sales philosophy at Hopkins Roofing is relationship based. Sales are the result of consistent sales activities applied over time with the goal of creating customer advocates. By creating a world-class customer experience, sales will grow through customer advocates who continually refer business to the company. Hopkins Roofing is in the people business and people will always be our number one priority.

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Details and Perks
  • Full-time employee
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Casual and collaborative atmosphere
  • Heath Insurance / Life Insurance / AFLAC Benefit Enrollment
  • PTO / 401(k) Retirement Plan / HSA / Bonuses
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Company Vehicle / Phone / Computer
  • Fitness facility open 24 hours
  • Free coffee and snacks
  • Opportunities to learn new skills, apps, software, and processes
  • Room for growth in the company
  • 10 days vacation/year (additional unpaid vacation days available upon request)
Primary Responsibilities
  • Articulate and implement the Hopkins Sales Philosophy
  • Develop and communicate values of the sales team
    • Create goals out of these values
  • Train Roofing Consultants how to utilize company CRM
  • Create business plan templates and work with Consultants to complete annual business plans
    • Plans reviewed and modified quarterly
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Operations, and Finance to develop and implement plans to deliver industry-leading customer experiences
  • Administer strengths-finder surveys for Consultants
    • Coach each Consultant on how to fully lean into identified strengths
  • Provide sales team training
    • Weekly 1-on-1 meetings with each Consultant
    • Group trainings as necessary
  • Perform quarterly sales team performance evaluations
  • Train Consultants how to master pricing techniques and strategies
  • Develop and monitor Consultant expense budgets
  • Develop sales incentive programs and implement with the sales team
  • Evaluate sales performance based on identified sales activities
    • Daily calls, handwritten notes, in-person meetings, social media activity, gift drop-offs, networking events, job estimates delivered, etc.
  • Lead weekly Sales L10 Meetings
  • Participate in weekly Leadership L10 Meetings
Ideal Candidate will possess the following skills/qualities
  • Competitive spirit that supports a consistent drive to succeed
  • Ability to set and prioritize goals everyday
  • Attention to detail
  • Manage, coordinate, and utilize CRM program to assist sales team on a daily basis
  • Ability to think strategically regarding services, products, and markets
  • Empathetic to customer concerns, and the ability to investigate situations and create solutions
  • Ability to cultivate relationships
  • Ability to work through challenging situations while remaining positive and patient with customers and team members
  • Ability to see “the big picture” and plan appropriately
  • Desire to lead and develop a team, as well as be a member of a leadership team
  • Willingness to “fail forward”
  • Leadership, organizational, analytical, and execution skills
  • Interpersonal skills and a collaborative work style
  • Ability to build market share and position
  • Understanding of the sales philosophy, and the ability to coach the sales team
  • Hiring, development, and motivational skills
  • Computer skills (specifically, Microsoft Office tools)
  • Effective communication skills including:
    • Listening first and often
    • Setting clear expectations
    • Ability to handle difficult conversations
  • Professional written and verbal communication
  • Understanding of and the ability to forecast and budget sales
  • Ability to collaborate with other leaders to improve the customer experience and increase profitability
  • Willingness to change and openness to other ideas and input
Education and Experience
  • Advanced degree (BA or MA)
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in sales leadership (preferred)
  • Building material industry experience (preferred)
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