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Welcome to the Hopkins Roofing community! We wanted to introduce ourselves again for anyone new here.

Hopkins Roofing, formerly Koopman Roofing, was founded in 1959 by Charles Koopman. In 2014, Dave Hopkins purchased Koopman Roofing after he spent 10 years in management. Within our 60 years of roofing excellence, we have installed over 15 million square feet of roofing. Hopkins has full-time roofing crews of up to 70 installing roofing insulation, roofing membrane, sheet metal, shingles, and a support staff to handle logistics to ensure necessary materials and equipment are where and when they need to be.

Hopkins Roofing has been earning the trust of customers in central Iowa and throughout the Midwest. We are a family-centered company that strives for excellence as a professional contractor and caring employer. Our mission is to be the most trusted and respected roofing and sheet metal contractor in the Midwest.

The Hopkins Way is to create a better life through roofing.

We believe a roof isn’t just a covering to keep the weather out.
We’ve seen that a better life can be created through roofing.

At Hopkins Roofing, it’s “Roofing. Done for Good.” We aren’t a 9-5, hit the road, kind of company. We know that every roof we build and install is an opportunity to do good. To take care of our clients, give opportunities to our employees, and give back to the communities we work in.

The Hopkins Way is built on five key values:

  1. Integrity

  2. Generosity

  3. Relationship

  4. Expertise

  5. Professionalism

These aren’t just words on a wall. They’re the pillars, holding up Hopkins Roofing and all we stand for. The standards we’re all expected to meet and hold each other to.

At Hopkins Roofing, we want to equip you with everything you need to make wise roofing choices. No matter who or where you are, this will be a place you can turn to for tips, product choices and roofing advice that you can count on.

Thank you for joining our community!

Check out our website to see more about the Hopkins Way.

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