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1. Schedule a regular roof inspection completed by a qualified roofing contractor annually or semi-annually.

Identifying and addressing potential leaks before they become problems can a big money saver. Preventing leaks can help extend the life and help optimize the performance of your roof system as well as prevent any potential damage to the contents off your building.

2. Don’t put off having repairs done.

The longer you wait to have existing leaks repaired, the more likely it will become a more expensive problem. Roof insulation can become saturated and no longer perform as it’s supposed to. Roof decks can rot or rust if exposed to moisture over a period of time resulting in more expensive deck replacement to go along with the roof repairs. If you notice a roof leak, have it repaired ASAP.

3. Hire a qualified, competent qualified contractor to do any roof work or maintenance.

A low slope roof not properly repaired, or repaired with non-compatible materials, will only result in more expensive repairs. Ask your contractor about their experience working with the particular material on your building.

4. Prevent any unnecessary roof traffic.

Most low slope roofs are home to a plethora of mechanical equipment. Equipment that will need serviced and repaired from those respective trades. This is prime time for a roof to be damaged. A dropped tool or piece of mechanical equipment placed on a membrane can cause punctures or cuts. This will result in leaks to be later discovered. It would be ideal to have a roofer accompany anyone doing work on your roof or have them inspect the areas after.

5. Keep your roof clear of debris.

It is not uncommon to find partially or completely blocked roof drainage systems. Dead leaves and litter tend to be common culprits. Making sure all drains, scuppers, gutters, and downspouts are clean and clear. This will help expedite the flow of water from your roof and keep any unwanted pooling or ponding to a minimum.

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