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PELLA, IA, Sept. 8, 2023 – Hopkins Roofing, a name synonymous with roofing excellence and innovation, announces a pivotal moment in its history as Dave Hopkins, the visionary owner and driving force behind the company’s meteoric rise, steps away to pursue new business horizons. With his departure, Hopkins Roofing takes a moment to reflect on the legacy he leaves behind and the path forward for the company he helped shape. 

Dave, a dynamic leader and seasoned entrepreneur, transformed a modest residential roofing business into a renowned multimillion-dollar roofing powerhouse that spans both residential and commercial sectors, leaving an indelible mark across the state of Iowa and beyond. Under his leadership, Hopkins Roofing emerged as a high-luxury brand, adorning countless buildings with expertly crafted roofing solutions. Notably, his visionary expertise and dedication secured projects for prestigious clients such as the Iowa Events Center, Wells Fargo Arena, and Vermeer Corporation. 

“Dave’s vision and dedication have propelled Hopkins Roofing into uncharted territories,” states Roger DeWaard, CEO of Hopkins Roofing. “His ability to provide innovative roofing solutions, his unwavering commitment to our ‘people first’ culture, and his relentless pursuit of excellence have elevated us to unprecedented heights.”  

Dave’s departure marks the conclusion of a successful 50/50 partnership with Roger, who will now assume full ownership of Hopkins Roofing. The partnership, forged through friendship and bolstered by a shared vision, defied the odds, showcasing their commitment to the company’s growth and success. Their united determination even led to the establishment of a new Hopkins Roofing location in Florida, signaling the company’s intention to continue serving clients nationwide. As equal partners, they have navigated challenges and celebrated milestones, crafting a legacy that will continue to shape the company’s trajectory. In a gracious transition, Dave is transferring his ownership share to Roger, ushering in a new era of leadership and innovation. 

“I wouldn’t step aside if I didn’t think there were even better days ahead for Hopkins,” Dave says. “Roger, my friend and brother, has what it takes to take this company to the next level.”  

Beyond numbers, Dave instilled a “people first” culture by championing employees and performing countless acts of generosity and support for employees in need. His heart for generosity translated into impactful philanthropy, including substantial donations to nonprofits and direct support to employees in times of need. His legacy is a testament to the power of leadership that blends compassion with results. 

Dave’s departure, while bittersweet, resonates with a sense of readiness. Reflecting on the journey, Dave shared, “Hopkins Roofing isn’t what it is because of me. Hopkins Roofing is who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. That’s all because of this collective group of people here and because of our leadership partnership up until now.” As he passes the torch to Roger, he embodies the spirit of a legacy nurtured and ready to flourish anew. 

As a united team at Hopkins Roofing, we express gratitude for Dave’s contributions and friendship. His departure leaves a void, but we honor his legacy and build upon his foundation. We stand as a testament to Dave’s enduring impact and extend our heartfelt best wishes as he embarks on new business horizons.


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