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“Do it yourself” has taken the nation by storm. Construction supply box stores and lumber yards have started offering classes to all types of DIY enthusiasts to gain market share. Major television networks are creating and airing countless hours of DIY programing. YouTube and Pinterest have created libraries of DIY tips and secrets. Free DIY information is at an all time high and surrounds our everyday lives. But, does that mean tackling a DIY roof project is your best decision?

I give you 5 reasons to call a roofing professional instead of trying DIY:
  • Shingles and other materials will all be installed correctly and will perform as they were designed to function.

  • Your roofing project will be started, finished, and completely cleaned up in less than a day, especially the ones DIYs think they can do. This means no long days, nights or weekends for you. This is also important when scheduling around inclement weather.

  • Our installers fully understand the safety demands and requirements. Professional roofers also have the correct equipment to perform the work safely and efficiently. No matter how much money you think you can save, it is not worth getting hurt or injured.

  • Professional roofers who have certifications or higher status with shingle manufacturers can offer significantly more robust warranties.

  • DIY roofers tend to save less money than they really think or were budgeting. Believe it or not, roofers tend to get a little better pricing on materials, dumpster fees, or equipment rental than a DIYer.

Please consider a few of these reasons and call your roofing professional before it is too late! Your home is most likely your biggest investment and asset. Calling a roofing professional to work on your home’s roof is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and that investment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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