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Your roof is more than just a quick fix – it’s a long-term investment on your home or commercial building, and it’ll likely be the most expensive repair you ever make. Having the wrong kind of warranty (or no warranty at all!) can mean trouble and big expenses down the road. Here’s why warranties matter, and why you need one for your upcoming roofing project.

What is a warranty?

Any product that’s exposed to everyday use or wear and tear may come with a warranty, or a guarantee that the manufacturer will repair or replace that product if it later becomes damaged. Since roofs are exposed to the elements every day, it’s critical that your roof is installed properly and with high-quality materials. Warranties may cover materials and installation, but they can be limited in what they cover and how long the coverage lasts.

What kinds of warranties are there?

Most roofs have two types of warranties involved: material warranties and workmanship warranties. These two warranties work together to protect you as a consumer for any issues with your roof after installation.

Material Warranty

A material warranty offers protection in case the materials used in your roofing project are defective, and are typically offered by the company that manufactures the products. Since the process of getting a new roof is a complex system, a material warranty may only cover the cost of replacement parts, and not the process of installing the replacement materials.

Workmanship Warranty

A workmanship warranty covers any issues that may arise from improper or poor installation, or any other workmanship errors that affect the quality of your roof. They are typically offered by your roofing company. Workmanship warranties are a sign that the roofing company stands behind their work, and they can differ from company to company.

Why do I need a warranty?

You may be tempted to ignore your roofing warranty – after all, you just want to get your new roof and move on. But warranties are designed to protect YOU and make sure you get a roof that lasts. A roof is an investment, and a good warranty ensures that your home or building is protected for years to come.

What makes a Hopkins Roofing warranty stand out among other roofing companies?

While most warranties are set by the manufacturer, a Hopkins Roofing warranty stands behind our attention to detail and a passion to do the job right. We can offer warranties that not all contractors can offer. Some projects require contractors to be certified, and we’re certified so we offer full warranties, unlike other roofing contractors.

What warranty options are available to me?

Hopkins Roofing offers a variety of warranties to choose from to fit your needs:

Low-Slope (Commercial) Warranties

Steep Slope (Shingle) Warranties

Metal Roofing Warranties

With an investment as big as a new roof, you need a warranty that can keep you protected. If you’re in need of a certified contractor, Hopkins Roofing is fully certified and can offer full warranties, unlike other contractors. With a warranty from Hopkins Roofing, you can ensure that your home or business’s roof is done for good!

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