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Have a warranty, but aren’t sure how to use it?
Take a look at our tips on how to use your commercial roof warranty.

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Contractor’s workmanship warranty

The only type of warranty that does not fall under the manufacturer is a workmanship warranty/guarantee. This type of warranty is offered by most contractors after you have had your commercial roof installed. It covers the installation of the materials. Meaning that if something is installed incorrectly and an issue arises, the roofing contractor will cover the cost to fix and/or replace it.

Most workmanship warranties are good for one to five years (at Hopkins, we offer a two-year roof workmanship warranty).

When purchasing a workmanship warranty, you have the option to include a manufacturer’s warranty along with it. This extends the service and coverage of your roof, so you can have peace of mind knowing that if something happens to your roof after those first few years, you are still covered.

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