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What details are included in my flat roof estimate?

Hopkins Roofing delivers its low-slope roofing proposals with a written narrative of the scope of work, along with a total project amount. The cost breakdown covers:

  • All labor
  • Materials
  • Dumpster/disposal fees
  • Warranty costs
  • Taxes
  • Freight
  • All other necessary components to complete the job

Certain aspects of the project are unknown until some tear off is complete. For example, if Hopkins is planning on recovering a roof and reusing the existing insulation, we will give a price per square foot to remove additional insulation that can’t be reused. This is nice to have in the estimate because we can’t know for sure the condition of the insulation until it is exposed. On the same note, if Hopkins is doing a full tear off, it is good to have a cost per square foot in the cost breakdown to replace the roof deck if the deck is corroded or compromised.

How do I evaluate an estimate when choosing between multiple contractors?

Getting multiple estimates is a smart move if you have the time. Once you have the estimates, should you just go with the lowest one? Not necessarily. You will want to take into account how thorough the estimates are and how comfortable you feel with their level of expertise.

5 things you should make sure are in your estimate:

  1. Square footage of your roof
  2. Line item details of specific work being done
  3. Type of brand and material being used
  4. Project timeline (time to complete the roof once it’s started)
  5. Examples with references of similar types of projects
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Hopkins Roofing has been in business since 1959 and has completed more than 15 million square feet of roofing. Call our experts today to receive a free flat roof estimate at no obligation. Get the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your business.


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