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What does a roof consultant look for when assessing damage?

Roofing companies will check for loose shingles, damaged shingles, dark spots, and wet growth on your roof. If we find any of those issues, we will circle the areas with chalk. That way, when an adjuster comes out, they won’t have to look for the damage again and they won’t miss any of the problem spots. Hopkins will also take pictures of the damage for your records and ours.

If my insurance claim is approved, what items will be covered?

The adjuster will send you a claim sheet and line items of replacement items and things that will be covered along with the price. Your roofing contractor can help you understand the claim and make sure everything that needs to be covered will be. As long as the contractor’s price matches the adjuster’s, you don’t need to get another quote.

Hopkins Roofing looks for things the adjuster may not find that would increase the estimate, such as: 

  • Steep pitch
  • Roof complexity—ridges, valleys, dormers
  • Multiple stories
  • Difficult access
  • Specialty shingles
  • Multiple layers
What can I do if hail damage leads to water in my home?

Natural disasters can come out of nowhere, and sometimes a hail storm is so intense that the result is water damage inside your home. The bad news is that there is nothing you can do to prevent the liquid water from getting in besides setting up good ole pots and pans below the leaks or laying a tarp over the damaged spots on your roof. Then, call your insurance company right away to get an adjuster out ASAP.

What should I do if a tree branch falls on my roof during a storm?

High winds can cause limbs to fall to the ground and branches to drop on your roof. Contact a roof inspector to assess the damage. Hopkins Roofing can perform a roof inspection for free and at no obligation. 

Typically, we see a lot of limbs poke through plywood, which is something a roofer can take care of when you get your roof repaired. If there is structural damage and problems with trusses, a temporary fix may need to be made while a solution to the larger structural issue is created.

Be ready when a storm hits

Next time a storm rolls through, rest easy knowing you have a plan. Call the experts at Hopkins Roofing to receive your free inspection and estimate.


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